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Hi, Designers, Webmasters & Marketers!

Have you ever been let down by a graphic designer or paid a small fortune for graphics? If so then-then you’re not alone. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for designs especially if you’re running an online business.

In 2003 I worked on a web project with a superb graphic designer who showed me a few cool tricks & shortcuts which I still use now. What I’ve learned since are skills necessary to do almost any web graphics task. Nowadays I only send large complex jobs to outsourcers & do everything else myself. So no more delays, no more sending stuff back for adjustments no more fat fees.

Are you searching for more information about this course? Please read through PS Masterclass 2016 review about it before selecting it. This review will give you necessary information such as: What is PS Masterclass 2016? How will it Help You Get Results? How does it be work?

The graphic designers that charge $100s per graphic would love you believe that it is…
Yes, there are loads of new apps on the market that make some web graphics tasks easier & that’s cool but, those apps are almost always limited…


Use Photoshop Masterclass 2016 now if You CAN”T:

- Retouch Photos to make them look stunning…
- Create stunning effects like reflections in 1 CLICK.
- Edit the Photoshop templates – the format that 99% of GFX are supplied in.
- Import vectors GFX – the format most logos are supplied in.
- Edit out imperfections like skin issues, red eye.


And if you know what you are doing you CAN create any graphic in minutes WITHOUT wasting time or money on outsourcers & ending up with the poor result that costs you $100s.

Product Overview:

Vendor: Chris Hitman
Product: PS Masterclass 2016/2017
Launch Date: 2016-07-23
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: Only $27 -$47
Sales Page: Comming Soon...

What Is PS Masterclass 2016?

PS Masterclass 2016 is a part of the Web Mastermind Product Series. New Training course about Photoshop, we guide you: Here’s how FAST it takes to make these graphics once you’ve mastered the exact skills we teach…

It is a training course about photoshop have been built by Chris Hitman. This course will teach you basic and advanced knowledge about graphic design, with PS Masterclass 2016 you will learn skill graphic design that is: the foundation skills for graphic design, the most useful web GFX tricks & tools ever assembled and more.

About Chris Hitman

I should tell you a little about myself…

I’m a semi-geek with a sales, IT & marketing background. I’ve spent 20+ years underneath dusty desks, answering support calls & installing web servers in noisy data centers. On route, I’ve worked with some of the best web designers, marketers & businesses in the world. I’d like to share some of that knowledge & experience with you.

The principle behind my offers is always to save customers time & money by finding easier solutions to common problems. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria, it doesn’t get off the ground. I hope you agree that this product is no exception & of course you always have my no quibble money back guarantee to fall back on…

PS. For those of you who read this far down…. for a limited time only I’ve added an extra gift to help you get started with this review.

What Is Including in Photoshop Masterclass?

Functionally & Features:

The last time this product was on sale was over 18 months this is a pretty rare event – hence well worth a look. PS Masterclass a RAPID, bespoke Photoshop course, toolkit & template pack for marketers & webmasters. It shows you how to make just about ANY graphic in just 3-8 minutes - which is less time than it takes to write a spec mail to an outsourcer.


[+] Beginner to Master Photoshop Skills
[+] Course covers CS2 - CS6 & CC versions
[+] Learn to make headers, banners, ads, box graphics,
[+] Learn to make transparent graphics & product mock-ups
[+] Learn photo retouching & enhancing


[+] 64,000 Transparent Ready to Use Graphics
[+] Premium Photoshop design templates
[+] Stunning Brushes, Patterns, Gradients Shapes & Styles
[+] Premium 1 Click Action Packs
[+] Ad Templates

In most Photoshop courses you get hours of useless tutorials that teach you stuff you'll never use. With Photoshop Masterclass you get "no fluff" "no filler."

You’ll learn just the stuff you need to know in simple short tutorials & real practical examples that you can use on your web projects in minutes.

Watch the demo video below to see PS Masterclass 2016 Demo in action and have a look at its functionally and features!


This Training Course Include:

  • Inside this training course includes 22 guide video, you will learn:
  • Learn about file formats, Learn to change the color of your image, how to creating files, creating background layers & setting the background color.
  • How to use layer styles in Photoshop to create nice objects & text effects.
  • Learn to use the Photoshop shape tool to create flawless scalable objects
  • Learn how to use the-the ready made styles by using the styles palette & how to add new styles to the palette.
  • How to use brushes tool to add nice effects to your graphic
  • You’ll learn how to use templates & make 3D mock-ups of boxes, brochures & other objects
  • How to use clipping masks to make layers that match your base object shape.
  • Free resources you should know about when playing with design and more.

Here’s how FAST it takes to make these graphics once you’ve mastered the exact skills we teach…

In PS Masterclass 2016 review, people are loving this product; It is a powerful training program because Building effective funnels are arguably one of the most important skills you need to learn.

In most Photoshop courses you get hours of useless tutorials that teach you stuff you’ll never use. With Photoshop Masterclass you get “no fluff” “no filler.”

You’ll learn just the stuff you need to know in simple short tutorials & real practical examples that you can use on your web projects in minutes. Don't miss it!

If for any reason you’re not happy with this product, you are covered by our full money back guarantee.- simply tell us within 30 days of your purchase.

No quibbles, no buts, no bad feeling. Just contact support, tell us what we can improve & a refund will be on its way. This your RISK-FREE test drive. What are you looking for? It’s time for you to change your job.

Are you searching for more information about Funnel Boss? Please read through our honest review about Funnel Boss before selecting it. This review will give you necessary information such as: What is Funnel Boss? How will it Help You Get Results? How does it be work?

In this Funnel Boss review, you can see all the information related to this product. They include what the Funnel Boss free trial is and its key features… you can see all it here and now!

Try it now for the real experiences…


Once you have the right marketing system in place, you won't have to worry about letting down your loved ones ever again. You're finally going to have a secure business future...

- NO MORE struggling to drive traffic
- NO MORE S.E.O guessing games
- NO MORE information overload
- NO MORE struggling to build your list


Product Overview:

  • Creator: Omar Martin et al
  • Product: Funnel Boss
  • Front-End Price: Only $25
  • Sales Page: Comming Soon...
  • Niche: List Building

What Is Funnel Boss?

Omar Martin is a marketing legend. When he talks - listen. When he advises you - take action. When he releases a product - buy it.

  • This is a video training product, and the upsell includes a monthly recurring service where we will give you 2 PLR complete funnels each month.
  • Omar and Melinda are masters at creating funnels and making them grow virally. All kinds of funnels like lead funnels, trust funnels, and sales funnels.
  • This is a very highly anticipated product, and by two experts in the field, so you are sure to see dozens of marketers promoting it this week. You can sign up to the early bird list below.

Omar Martin says: Funnel Boss is a REMARKABLE video training course that will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know about creating FUNNELs!

About Omar Martin and Melinda Martin

Omar Martin is a software developer, author, and public speaker. Omar is the CEO of Higher Level Strategies and is regarded by many as a top Internet marketer. Omar has created multiple software tools and Wordpress plugins for online business owners. Omar also develops online training programs to help entrepreneurs build and maximize their online business through powerful and ethical traffic and sales strategies.

Omar is one of the creators of which is his way of helping to clean up the Internet Marketing space so that honest and ethical consumers do not fall victim to scammers. Omar Martin and his coworkers (Melinda Martin) have been working on this product for a long time & couldn’t be more excited for launching this. We believe that it solves one of the most important issues currently in Internet Marketing.

What People Excited About Funnel Boss Review are Saying:


What Is Including?


  • The Funnel Boss Video Course

The core product is a visual tutorial series on how to assemble web pages into various unique and profitable funnels. The Funnel Boss training is comprised of 5 videos that cover basic funnel building concepts using a whiteboard on screen drawing technique. The training progresses into specific PROVEN viral funnel tactics like the Viral Lead Funnel, Viral Trust Funnel, and Viral Sales Funnels.

  • The Funnel Boss VIP Monthly Club

Your customers will make money and build their list faster, easier and with zero hassle when they use the Funnel Boss professionally designed pre-built funnels every month. The Funnel Boss training is the ultimate companion to guide them through the process step-by-step, including our Secret Funnel Hack Strategy, the advanced funnel building tactics and DONE FOR YOU SALES FUNNELS delivered right to their inbox each and every month. There is also an "ONE TIME" payment option that includes four pre-made funnels and doesn't require monthly subscription payments.

  • The Funnel Boss Pro-Creation Kit

Your customers will have the option to purchase our Funnel Boss PRO-KIT which will enable them to create their products and membership sites. This is covered in 2 video training courses called "List Bolt Immersion" and "Membership Site Mini-Course." Omar & Melinda will demonstrate how they created a product from scratch and made over $3k by putting it on JVZoo within 16 hours. Your customer will also see how Omar & Melinda create a WordPress membership website using Op2 and WishList.

Every Funnel In The Funnel Boss VIP Club Includes

Benefits Of  Funnel Boss:

  • OP2 Funnel Template: 6 page “ready to go” Optimize Press website funnel template including all sales copy.
  • Lead Magnet Report: A professionally written and customizable report for your squeeze page lead magnet.
  • A Quality Ebook: This is a well-written quality eBook that corresponds with the lead magnet report.
  • Narrated Mp3’s: A professionally recorded chapter by chapter narration of the entire book.
  • Mp4 Video Course: Each product includes several videos that correspond with the main eBook.
  • Follow-up Emails: An “autoresponder ready” email sequence to follow-up with and convert your leads.
  • Editable Images: You get the professional product and website graphics with editable PSD files for it all.
  • PLR Rights: These funnels are yours to do customize and modify as you wish all source files are included.

People are loving this Funnel Boss product; It is a powerful training program because Building effective funnels are arguably one of the most important marketing skills you need to learn.

Funnel Boss is the kind of product that will give you multiple “AHA moments” as you learn the secret tricks used by experts to inject traffic, leads, and sales directly into your business.

This is an easy to follow on-screen training course that will revitalize your online business with fresh new ideas and give you that boost you need. So, let join the hundreds of successful people that are taking advantage of Funnel Boss right now!

It is tested by many of users and me. I am sure that once you use this product, your company will have a new appearance, and you will get many achievements. What are you looking for? It’s time for you to change your job.

It's easy to get started creating your website. Knowing some of the basics will help.

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is software that allows you to create and manage webpages easily by separating the creation of your content from the mechanics required to present it on the web.

In this site, the content is stored in a database. The look and feel are created by a template. Joomla! brings together the template and your content to create web pages.

Logging in

To login to your site use the user name and password that were created as part of the installation process. Once logged-in you will be able to create and edit articles and modify some settings.

Creating an article

Once you are logged-in, a new menu will be visible. To create a new article, click on the "Submit Article" link on that menu.

The new article interface gives you a lot of options, but all you need to do is add a title and put something in the content area. To make it easy to find, set the state to published.

You can edit an existing article by clicking on the edit icon (this only displays to users who have the right to edit).

Template, site settings, and modules

The look and feel of your site is controlled by a template. You can change the site name, background colour, highlights colour and more by editing the template settings. Click the "Template Settings" in the user menu.

The boxes around the main content of the site are called modules. You can modify modules on the current page by moving your cursor to the module and clicking the edit link. Always be sure to save and close any module you edit.

You can change some site settings such as the site name and description by clicking on the "Site Settings" link.

More advanced options for templates, site settings, modules, and more are available in the site administrator.

Site and Administrator

Your site actually has two separate sites. The site (also called the front end) is what visitors to your site will see. The administrator (also called the back end) is only used by people managing your site. You can access the administrator by clicking the "Site Administrator" link on the "User Menu" menu (visible once you login) or by adding /administrator to the end of your domain name. The same user name and password are used for both sites.

Learn more

There is much more to learn about how to use Joomla! to create the website you envision. You can learn much more at the Joomla! documentation site and on the Joomla! forums.